2 mar. 2010

Iliana y Edson opinan

Es ahora el turno de Iliana y Edson, quienes me han enviado en inglés sus opiniones a propósito de El Disco del Tiempo y Querida Alejandría:

Hello María:

First, I want to congratulate you for your book "El disco del tiempo"; I really don´t used to read many books, but in this case, I could read it again and again, and again... because it´s very interesting. I like you writting style, it´s simple but it doesn´t let the reader to get boned or lost any detail; its very friendly style for new readers and I think it can satisfy any experiences reader.

Edson Ulises Juárez López.

Dear Edson:

I am glad you liked my first book!
I wanted to keep a simple style, but also talking about difficult matters like the origin and deep meaning of human language. For example, in the end of the book, I put through Daedalus the platonic theory about language. Did you realize that?

Have great time with books,


Hi María:

In this time, I would like to say thanks for your book, because the story is very interesting, so the history cal dates are complicated in order to remind for me.

The reading in “Dear Alejandría” is difficult, because it has many unknown thinks for me (whit a dictionary is easier).

My doubt respect for the story is: Why in the Roman´s culture they didn´t kill to the enemy´s sons?

Respect at the end I´ll tell you that I don´t like it when I discovered that some characters are false, because for me they are important to understand the real history.

Good luck in your next projects.

Iliana Valverde

Dear Iliana:

Thank you for your letter, for letting me know your doubt and your sincere opinion about the end of the story!

In that part of the Roman history, Cleopatra's children were very valuable as hostages. Besides, they were brother and sister of Octavia's children. But Octavianus let Caesarion be murdered due to his politic project.

I created some characters to fill in the blanks in Selene's history. We know so little about her!

Anyway, I am pleased to know that you have the passion of the truth in History!

Yours sincerely,